Shrove Tuesday - Pancake Day

Shrove or 'Pancake' Tuesday is basically the day of preparation for Lent. It is a day to pig out on pancakes and party up large before the next day (Ash Wednesday) - the first day of Lent.

The custom of eating pancakes was from the need to use up eggs and butter which were originally prohibited during the forty days of Lent. The same reasoning is responsible for the association of eggs at Easter which is the end of Lent and time for another festival.

THE PANCAKE MANOR restaurants encourage the custom of eating pancakes at any time of the year!!A pancake eating competition will be held at the Pancake Manor (Brisbane City) on Sunday the 9th March 2014 and on the 4th of March at Garden CityPlease call the City restaurant on 07 3221 6433 and Garden City on 07 3349 2662 to enter and have some fun!

Pancake Manor at Garden City will also be having a pancake tossing competition.

The most well known celebration of Shrove Tuesday is the Pancake Day Race at Olney in Buckinghamshire which has been held since 1445.The race came about when a woman cooking pancakes heard the shriving bell summoning her to confession. She ran to church wearing her apron and still holding her frying pan and thus accidentally started a tradition that has lasted for over 500 years.

According to current rules, only women wearing a dress, an apron and a hat or scarf, may take part in the race. Each contestant has a frying pan containing a hot cooking pancake. She must toss it 3 times during the race. The first woman to complete the winding 375 metre course and arrive at church, serve her pancake to the bellringer and be kissed by him, is the winner.

She also receives a prayer book from the vicar.

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