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Shrove Tuesday  /  Pancake Tuesday   /  Fat Tuesday

This year, to celebrate Shrove Tuesday (the holy pancake grail of the year!), we're offering All You Can Eat (AYCE) Pancakes on the menu for 2 days only

When: Tuesday 16th February and Wednesday 17th February 2021

Where: Both restaurants - Pancake Manor CBD and Pancake Manor Garden City

Cost: $10

Includes: Pancakes, whipped butter and maple syrup

Time Limit: 1 hour time limit

Conditions: No sharing, no takeaways, no hiding pancakes for later! In restaurant ONLY. No other discounts apply. 

You can always add on any extra toppings or sauces you would like! 

This is a different event to our Annual Pancake Eating Competition (where you can win pancakes for a year), please see our other tab for info. Please note there are no prizes for AYCE on Tuesday / Wednesday. 

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