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half price stacks!

Shrove Tuesday  /  Pancake Tuesday   /  Fat Tuesday

This year, to celebrate Shrove Tuesday (the holy pancake grail of the year!), we're offering half price traditional* stacks for 1 day only

When: Tuesday 13th February 2024

Order: Any traditional stack item - single / short / regular / long stack with butter or cream and ice cream

You Get: 50% off the price!

Conditions: Must order from the 'Traditional Stacks' menu - single/short/regular/long stacks. Buttermilk pancakes only. 50% off applies to whipped butter or cream, ice cream, or cream and ice cream traditional toppings. All with maple syrup. Can be ordered in bulk, and can be ordered for take away. Does not apply to UberEats. No other discounts apply. 

You can always add on any extra toppings or sauces you would like! 

half price poster.png
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