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Connect Hearing Recognition

Recognised as Inclusive Australian Venue

You can imagine our delight when our hard work was recognised by Connect Hearing, with our inclusion in their new list of top Australian venues for visitors with hearing impairment.

The list selected the best eating and drinking establishments in the country for patrons with hearing impairment. As mentioned in the article, the hard of hearing can often be left feeling isolated and frustrated due to not being able to understand their acquaintances amidst a din of background noise.

Our 24-hour service means that you can select quieter times to socialise with your friends and family, able to join into the conversation with ease. Our booth seating also makes it easy for the hard of hearing to hone in on conversations, with our corner booths being particularly ideal.

For more great reasons to organise your next social engagement at the Pancake Manor, check out the list on how to ‘Enjoy Socialising in the Quiet Corners of the Big City’.

You are always welcome at The Pancake Manor. Come down and share in the good vibes and tasty treats!

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