Easter Hours

🐰 Hop to it! 🐰

We are open all Easter weekend long!

24/7 as usual for our CBD store, and our Garden City store with some slight variations to hours:

❌ Good Friday 8am-3pm ❌ Easter Saturday 8am-6pm ❌ Easter Sunday 8am-6pm ❌ Easter Monday 8am-late

We also have some awesome Easter Specials - a $6 Easter Bunny 🐰 for the kids, and a $10 Hot Cross cakes 🥞 for the adults!

Available for a limited time only! Get in quick! ✌️

#pancakemanor #pancakesyourway #easter #bunnypancake #hotcrosspancakes #easterspecials #hotcrossbunmeetspancake #bunnyface #hoptoit #schoolholidays

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