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Shrove ALL You Can EAT / Eating COMP

Shrove Tuesday / Pancake Tuesday / Fat Tuesday - THE HOLY PANCAKE GRAIL of the year!

This year Shrove Tuesday lands on 16th February 2021

To celebrate, we will be holding our Annual Eating Comps the following weekend - Saturday 20th for Garden City and Sunday the 21st for the CBD. Eat the most pancakes in 1 hour and you win an AWESOME pancake trophy, total bragging rights and....PANCAKES FOR 1 WHOLE YEAR*!!! But we have MORE!

We will also be bringing back the All You Can Eat option for 2 days only - Tuesday 16th and Wednesday 17th February 2021! That's 1 hour of AYCE Pancakes, including butter and maple syrup, for $10 anytime on the 16th/17th February 2021 - in restaurant only.

Please see the relevant tabs in the drop down menu under the 'News' tab for more info and all the ts and cs for each!



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